Award Categories

Innovative Work Design Award Logo Mark

Innovative Work Design

Acknowledging organisations who support employees in a way that fully leverages their skills, strengths and working preferences.

Inclusive Work Practice Award Logo Mark

Inclusive Work Practice

Recognising initiatives or work practices that allows the voices of your team and colleagues to be heard and for all perspectives to be considered. These are the day to day practices used to run the business which create opportunities for everyone to contribute.

Leveraging Diversity of Thought Award Logo Mark

Leveraging Diversity of Thought

Celebrating organisations who tap into difference skills sets, perspectives and approaches to support innovation, creativity and problem solving. This includes internal processes as well as customer facing practices which show knowledge being leveraged and shared.

Building Cultural Understanding Award Logo Mark

Building Cultural Understanding

Recognising practices that support a greater understanding and collaboration between people from different backgrounds and that recognises diverse cultural values and norms.

Inclusive Leadership Award Logo Mark

Inclusive Leadership

Celebrating ways in which leaders are recognising the diversity of their workforce and are adapting their approach to support the growing diversity of their workforce and customer base.


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Moving beyond policy and programmes.
We are acknowledging organisations which have innovative and inclusive practices that are having an impact on their people.

Whether you have a diversity and inclusion policy or strategy in place or not, we are after the small and big practices in your business that recognise the diversity of your workforce and are making difference count.

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