We bang the drum for ‘organisational practice’ that fully leverages the diversity of the workforce, communities and customers.

In short, we exist to Make Difference Count.


We are privileged enough to work with organisations both large and small, many of whom are grappling with how to be more inclusive.

Many organisations recognise the importance of Diveristy & Inclusion and they start out with the right intent, BUT they find it difficult to change how things are actually done.

They find it hard to put into place the inclusive practices that a diverse workforce needs.


So we thought…

What if we could bring recognition to those organisations practically making difference count AND share those insights and practices?

Everyday we get to see how organisations are making difference count. We want to make sure these practices don’t remain hidden in little pockets, but are shared with others, so that together we start making a difference for employees everywhere!


& Award

We want to acknowledge organisations who have innovative and inclusive practices. We think these practices are worth sharing and would like to award those businesses who are growing their diverse workforce and putting in daily practices that make difference count. 

Challenge the
Status Quo

We are not about diversity for diversity sake. Most diversity awards focus on INTENT and reward organisations for the policies and programmes they have in place. We want to award IMPACT – whether there is a policy or programme in place or not.  We are after the small and big things that individual employees and managers are doing, which may not be standard practice across the organisation yet, but from which others can learn.

Empower you to Make Difference Count

We believe in the power of the small act and how it can change the way an organisation values its people. We want to share the practices we have come across through our work globally so that you can learn from them and together we can Make Difference Count across industries.


Applications open 1 March — 1 July 2019