Who Can Apply?

The MDC awards are open to all organisations, small and large across industry sectors.

Most organisations are just starting out with their D&I journey and many still have a long way to go. Nevertheless, wherever you are on your journey, you will have examples of innovative work practices which are positively impacting your diverse workforce and are helping to drive a culture of inclusion.

We believe that it’s important to share these stories and hear directly from the individuals and employees who have been impacted by them.  This includes stories from employees at all levels in the organisation – those working at the grass roots level, on a minimum wage, as well as those working in senior roles, making strategic decisions about the organisation’s future. 

We want to know about the initiatives big or small that are helping to build a culture of inclusion.  Most importantly, we want to hear first-hand, from employees on the ground, about how the initiative has helped to really make their unique difference count in their workplace.

Applications open 1 March — 1 July 2019. See an example application here.

Why these awards are different

Most diversity awards focus on INTENT and reward organisations for the policies, programmes and training programmes they have in place. This award is about IMPACT – whether there is a policy or programme in place or not.  We are after the small and big things that individual employees and managers are doing, which may not be standard practice across the organisation yet, but from which others can learn.

The MDC awards aims to achieve three things:

1.Recognise and acknowledge organisations and managers who are going the extra mile to build inclusive practices into day to day organisational practice.

2.Share these stories across industry and business, so that we can learn from each other and share our successes.

3.Award the most innovative inclusive practices to give credit where credit is due.

Award Categories

There are 5 different award categories:

1. Innovative Work Design - In this category we are interested in how your organisation supports employees to work in a way that fully leverages their skills, strengths and working preferences.

2. Inclusive Work Practice - In this category we are interested in what initiatives or work practices your organisation has implemented that allows your voice and those of your colleagues to be heard and for all perspectives to be considered.  These are the day to day practices you use to run your business which create opportunities for everyone to contribute.

3. Leveraging Diversity of Thought - In this category we are interested in how your organisation is tapping into different skills sets, perspectives and approaches to support innovation and creativity and/or problem solving.  This could be about internal processes as well as customer facing practices which show knowledge is being leveraged and shared.

4. Inclusive Leadership – In this category, we are interested in hearing about ways in which your leaders are recognising the diversity of their workforce and empowering others to be the best they can be.  We also want to hear about how your leadership practices are changing to reflect and support the growing diversity of the workforce and customer base.

5. Building cultural understanding – In this category we are interested in practices that support a greater understanding and collaboration between people from different cultures, values and norms.

Not sure what category to apply for? Contact our support person here.

How do I apply?

Details of the award and application process will be sent out via an e-mail link to registered organisations. You will be provided with a link which will allow you to capture your story online and apply for the awards when applications open.

The criteria for each story is listed below:

  • Must be no longer than 1000 words

  • Must include an overview of the story as well as a testimonial from an employee(s) who has been impacted by the initiative

  • Must be something that can be easily adopted by other organisations.

  • Must fit one of the categories

  • What we are after is a story in the words of your employees about what your organisation is doing, and what is has meant to them on the ground.  We want to specifically hear from your employees in their own words, what the initiative has meant to them and how it is recognising their unique differences.

  • Applications will be supported by an interview from a Diversitas consultant.

Applications open 1 March — 1 July 2019. See an example application here.

Cost & Application Process

Each participating organisation can submit multiple applications (stories).  There is an administration fee per application (story) of $250.00 plus GST. An independent judging panel has been appointed to review the applications and select the finalists.  Finalists will be notified and invited to participate in a video interview.

All the stories received will be published in our exclusive ‘Make Difference Count E-book’ and participating organisations will receive a free copy.

If cost is a barrier for you, please contact us at hello@makedifferencecount.com

Sponsorship & Partnerships

Sponsorship packages are available. 
Download our Sponsorship Prospectus here.

Who is behind the awards?

Diversitas is a global consultancy committed to creating a positive impact by helping organisations to implement great Diversity & Inclusion practices. We work with a wide range of clients across different geographies and come across innovative inclusion practices every day. We think these practices are worth sharing and would like to recognise those businesses in particular who are committed to growing their already diverse workforce and are putting in day to day practices to really make that difference count.

There are so many ways that organisations are recognising the uniqueness of their employees and are supporting them to contribute in different ways, which means that their differences are actually being leveraged. We think these stories are worth sharing.